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Mount Merapi Tour Yogyakarta

Mount Merapi Tracking
Mt. Merapi Yogyakarta
Mt Merapi located near Yogyakarta is one of the most active volcanoes on earth. The Merapi volcano plays an important part in the accepted cosmos of the Javanese sultans. The Keraton of Yogyakarta faces the mountain in one direct line. Merapi is also guarded by spiritual “guards” who give offerings to the mountain. 

Local people respect the awesome power of this volcano. Annually, on the anniversary of the Sultan’s coronation, offerings (labuhan) are brought from the keraton of Yogya  to Mt. Merapi ,  together with similar offerings carried to the Indian Ocean to the south, to appease the spirits of the mountain and the sea, in order to bring welfare to the inhabitants of Java.

Merapi is continuously monitored by a number of earthquake posts, who warn inhabitants of impending eruptions.  Despite frequently giving out smoke, the mountain still attracts hikers and climbers.   


  1. Transport, by car, Jogja-Merapi basecamp (selo, boyolali town)-Jogja
  2. Guide
  3. Porter
  4. Dinner, water, breakfast, lunch
  5. Insurance
  6. Registration
Recommended to bring
·         Jacket
·         Tracking shoes
·         A flashlight
·         Rain coat
·         Private medicine

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